About Let´s eco

Our sole purpose as a company is to make ecology affordable and easy to choose for people all over the world.


Let´s eco is part of Dairy of 1888 group harking back to the establishment of Them Dairy in 1888.

Owners of Dairy 1888 group

Them Dairy

Bagger Sørensen & Co. Ltd.

Private individuals and employees

Today, Them Dairy, as Denmark´s 3rd largest cooperative dairy still remains independent and dedicated to produce Danish Dairy - probably the best dairy in the world. Visit our dairy website for more details. 

Bagger Sørensen & Co. Ltd., is the family of the chewing gum brands Dandy® Dirol ®, Stimorol ® and V6® to Cadbury-Schweppes Plc., and Fertin Pharma A/S