What is follow-on formula?

When your baby is about 6 months old, you can use the follow-on as a supplement to breastfeeding or as part of the transitional diet that your baby should have before switching to solid foods.

When can I start giving my baby follow-on formula?

Stage 2 follow-on formula is made for children who are 6 months and older. Stage 2 is slightly less energy-dense than the stage 1, as the baby after 6 months does not have exactly the same needs for energy-dense food as small babies.

Our stage 3 follow-on formula is made for children from 10 months and older. Again, this formula is slightly less energy-dense than the previous stage.

Can I mix follow-on formula with other products e.g. porridge?

Yes, you can easily do that, and it is actually a very good idea. It serves more purposes:

  1. The transition diet will be more fluid, and easier to swallow
  2. The energy density of the porridge increases
  3. The nutritional composition of the porridge is optimized
  4. The liking of new foods may be increased as the formula adds a well-known and sweet taste of milk

Can I mix stage 1 infant formula with stage 2 follow-on formula?

No, you cannot. Both are made specifically for the exact age group, so use the formula that suits your child's age.

Can I store or freeze a bottle of prepared formula for later use?

No. We do not recommend that you either store or freeze already prepared bottles due to hygiene reasons and because the powder changes density during freezing, so it can be difficult to dose correctly afterwards.

Why should the water be boiled before it is mixed into the infant or follow-on formula?

If you boil the water before mixing it with the formula, you are sure that it does not contain any bacteria. Lukewarm tap water can contain heavy metals and bacteria from the hot water system. When mixing with water that has been boiled check that the food is not too hot for your baby and always be sure to follow the instructions on the package of your formula.

Can I prepare the supplement mixture in advance?

We recommend that you make fresh mixes. We therefore do not recommend that you prepare mixes for later use. Bring a thermos with hot preboiled water with you if you are going for a trip, so you can ensure fresh servings on the go.

Why choose organic products?

Organic production of milk is free from pesticides, fertilizers, and GMO’s. Therefore, organic products ensure us, that we are not getting residues into our bodies, and this is especially important in infants and toddlers who are growing rapidly and developing brain and vital organs during the first years of life. See our page on why to choose organic.