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We only produce
Danish certified
organic milk powder

Let´s eco harks
back to 1888

The year 1888 is an important reference and milestone to our company Lets Eco today. Harking back to 1888, where 47 Danish farmers united to found their own dairy cooperative and named it Them Dairy.

The Danish Dairy Cooperative Movement experienced a breakthrough and laid the foundation for Danish dairy as we know it - as a trusted and sought-after commodity to people around the world.

As our forefathers where dairy pioneers, Denmark was the first country in the world to launch and introduce a state controlled organic label in 1990. Today Denmark has the largest market share of sold organic products, and Danes are world leading in their consumption of organic products per capita.

Further Denmark is a frontrunner in sustainable renewable energy. And we are actively taking part and helping. Dairy and agriculture are big business in Denmark and more than two-thirds of our renewable energy comes from bioenergy. Moreover, the wind production per capita exceeds that of any other OECD country.

What we are trying to say here is that getting your organic products from Denmark ensures you not only high quality and safe nutrition, but also you can rely on that "Made in Denmark" means your organic products are made with minimal environmental effect.

New high care production facility in 2020

We only produce Danish certified organic milk powder products and all our products come from our brand-new facility built and equipped in 2020 with the best high care technology available in the market today. FSSC 22000 certified and approved by the Danish authorities for organic production of sensitive products and approved for export to the US and China.

Our purpose

Our sole purpose as a company is to make sustainable ecology accessible and easy to choose for people all over the world. Only made in Denmark.

The company behind

Let´s eco is part of Dairy of 1888 group harking back to the establishment of Them Dairy in 1888.

Our owners

Them Dairy

Bagger-Sørensen & Co. Ltd.

Private individuals and employees

Today, Them Dairy, as Denmark´s 3rd largest cooperative dairy still remains independent and dedicated to produce Danish Dairy - probably the best dairy in the world. Visit our dairy website for more details.

Bagger-Sørensen is the family firm that made the chewing gum brands Dandy® Dirol®, Stimorol® and V6®, and also Fertin Pharma producing pharmaceutical and nutraceutical chewing gum, among others Nicotinell®.

CEO's Image

“Providing the best possible
to your baby, will always be a
parent's number one”

Franz Gammelgaard-Schmidt
CEO and father of four

CEO's Image

“Providing the best possible
to your baby, will always be a
parent's number one”

Franz Gammelgaard-Schmidt
CEO and father of four


Two trees form heart shape
We are made
in Denmark
Born and raised in Denmark. Long scratches of untouched nature and among the happiest people in the world. More than 60% of the landscape is field used agriculture – a world record too. We are blessed with strong traditions in design, and internationally acknowledged for our welfare system and our high morality and ethical standards.
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Map Denmark
Pioneers in
renewable energy
Denmark is an ambitious frontrunner within sustainable and renewable energy, and our country’s wind production exceeds any other OECD country per capita. As a company we naturally take active part in the green agenda, and today, more than two-thirds of our energy consumption derives from bioenergy.
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Based on a
patented process
It’s our vision to deliver high-quality milk that have maximum nutritional value, and a minimum of environmental impact. We use a unique patented technology and process, that extracts proteins directly from fresh milk, using a filtration technology. This means bypassing the entire cheese making process, which leads to a significant reduction in processing – and a better milk.
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Two birds
The first country to introduce a state controlled organic label in 1990, accelerating the demand for cleaner products. Today we are world leading with the largest share of organic products offered, sold, and consumed pr. capita in the world.
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