Patented Processing

Our patented process extracts proteins directly from the fresh milk, using filtration technology that bypasses the traditional cheese making process to get to the whey proteins needed in infant formulas. Our process pf producing infant formula in one process leads to significant reduction of processing and treatment steps.

To give you certainty of always having the real lets eco® deal, we have developed a blockchain verified traceability system. In short it means that not a single product from us can be tampered with or faked. Just scan the unique QR code at bottom of each package and verify the authenticity of our product.

For all of our formulas you can be sure that they are made only in Denmark, however producing only in Denmark and delivering globally comes comes with some headaches to sustainability. We know it. But our promise to you is that we find the most sustainable way to you and that we will continuously evaluate every step of the way to improve. 

Our goal is to always deliver products that have maximum nutritional value and minimal environmental effect.


Two trees form heart shape
We are made
in Denmark
Born and raised in Denmark. Long scratches of untouched nature and among the happiest people in the world. More than 60% of the landscape is field used agriculture – a world record too. We are blessed with strong traditions in design, and internationally acknowledged for our welfare system and our high morality and ethical standards.
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Map Denmark
Pioneers in
renewable energy
Denmark is an ambitious frontrunner within sustainable and renewable energy, and our country’s wind production exceeds any other OECD country per capita. As a company we naturally take active part in the green agenda, and today, more than two-thirds of our energy consumption derives from bioenergy.
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Milk bottle with arrow
Based on a
patented process
It’s our vision to deliver high-quality milk that have maximum nutritional value, and a minimum of environmental impact. We use a unique patented technology and process, that extracts proteins directly from fresh milk, using a filtration technology. This means bypassing the entire cheese making process, which leads to a significant reduction in processing – and a better milk.
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Two birds
The first country to introduce a state controlled organic label in 1990, accelerating the demand for cleaner products. Today we are world leading with the largest share of organic products offered, sold, and consumed pr. capita in the world.
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